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Using our web application you can learn CSS by doing some amazing coding. This service is completely free for all. In this application you will find an editor and a target output. So that you have to code exactly like the provided target.

  • Run, Submit Button
  • Time tracking
  • Code Editor
  • Color Pallete
  • Similarity Tracker
  • 50+ CSS Challenges
  • Difference Checker
  • Opacity Checker

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Frontend Battle

Play a battle with your friends. You need to share a battle ID with your friend and there you go. Beat him. Solve First Win First!!!

This is a realtime system where you can solve a problem together. If you solve first you win, if not then other win. If anyone left the game without completing he/she will lost the game and other person will win.

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Learn code in camp

This website will help you to learn programming & web designing. You can practice programming with various task. You can share codes with others. By solving problems you can earn points to level up your skill.