AAR SoftX is under re-development for better experience and features.

About Us

AAR SoftX is a platform to learn programming, designing. You can improve your skills with our platform. It is a free platform for all. You can access our tools without any cost.

It is not a competitive programming platform like Leetcode. It is a platform for a person who want to make projects for learning.


In AAR SoftX, you can access our CSS Lab. In CSS Lab you can solve frontend related problems like drawing something like circle, tree, house etc. You have to solve the challenges by writing HTML, CSS code. You can track your time which shows how many time you need to solve the problem. After writing code you need to submit the code and it will show you the correction in percentage ‘%’. If correction is 100% then the challenge will be completed.

Python Lab

In AAR SoftX, you can also solve projective problems in the Python Lab. It is same as CSS Lab. But this time you need to read the message carefully to solve the problem. And after writing code you need to submit and then it will show you corrections.