Create your first program using ExpressJS

In this post, I have described how you can make an API using NodeJS (ExpressJS)

Author : @aarsoftx aarsoftx

Posted on Thu, Oct 20 2022

Create your first program using ExpressJS

Hello Friends, Welcome!

In the post I am going to make a simplest program in Node-ExpressJS.

First of all we need to install  NodeJS. You can follow some steps from this post. 

After installation you need to create a node app by running on your selected directory for the application...

> npm create

By entering informations you can see a package.json created on your project folder. 

Package.js file on root folder

But we need Express JS also. So open terminal on your root folder and run command bellow : 

> npm i express

Coding Time 

After that now it's time to jump into coding term....

Screenshot of codes

A introduction of this code below...

Code Introduction
const express = require("express") To load the express module into express variable
const app = express() To make a express object
let port = 8000 To declare port where the application will run.
app.get("/", (req, res) =>{...} ) To set a address of routes, it can be (, app.delete()... ) etc.
app.listen(port, ()=>{ ... } ) To tell the application to listen on declared port 8000.


Full Code : 

So here we go. Our first application is done. : )


This is just a simplest project with ExpressJS. Nowadays ExpressJS is a famous framework of NodeJS technology. You can easily build a web application using ExpressJS in few time.